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What's so great about Bundle Buds?

With Bundle Buds you get a quality headphone, with a microphone, and a built in design that keeps your cord tangle free. Bundle Buds stay bundled in your pocket, backpack, purse, etc.  

What do I get when I buy a pair of Bundle Buds?

You'll get a pair of earbuds with the built in patent pending design to keep your cord bundled.  Three size earbuds (S, M, L).  A Bundle Bud jar to store your buds or anything else you want. A Bundle Bud manual.

How do Bundle Buds work?

The sleek design and small clasps allow for each ear bud to connect to each other. The cord can then be wrapped around the connection using the earbuds themselves to contain the wrapped cord. To complete the bundle, connect the clasp attached to the plug to any point of the wrapped cord. Be sure to firmly attach the clasp so the bundle doesn't become undone. 

Can I use Bundle Buds with my own headphones?

Not yet.  Here are Bundle Buds we are working to expand our product line and develop aftermarket add-ons.  If you have a pair of buds that you think should become Bundle Buds just drop us a line on Facebook, twitter, or send an email: 

Aftermarket add-on for the iPhone EarPods - Available via Kickstarter only

Is there a microphone or audio controls?

Yes, a microphone with audio controls allows you to play/pause music, pick up calls, elc.

How long will my pair of Bundle Buds last?

Bundle Buds are very durable and we have thoroughly tested the limits.  All earbuds have a lifespan which depend on the amount of use but our Bundle Buds have been in use multiple times a day for over a year without any signs of wear

What's the best way to unbundle my Bundle Buds?

The best way to unbundle the buds is to simply unclip the plug end from the bundle. Hold the plug end and let the earbuds fall down. The bundle will unroll itself in just a few seconds. 

How are Bundle Buds made?

Bundle Buds are made from ABS plastic and a strong & flexible plastic that is 3D printed using a laser to fuse together nylon powder. 

What should I do if my Bundle Buds become damaged or malfunctions?

Send a quick e-mail to where we strive to leave every customer satisfied. 

What do I do if I am interested in becoming a Bundle Buds distributor or reseller?

Please contact


drop us a line.

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